Would you consider helping us fund this project?

The Need:

Pearce has had an elevator since 2001 and helps facilitate so many aspects of ministry within the church facility.  The elevator is now 20 years old and is in need of an upgrade to enable smoother operation, greater safety, improved quality, and lower costs/downtime, but we need your help.   The elevator will become obsolete and will no longer be serviceable after 2022.

Pearce has set aside $93,000 from building maintenance reserves to help fund this project, but there is a shortfall of $35,000 to fully fund the upgrade, for a total cost of approximately $128,000.

Please pray about this special giving opportunity and we thank you for your prayers and generosity to help us complete this important effort.

The elevator was a huge blessing to me when I had a stroller because I had back problems from carrying a heavy infant car seat around all the time and needed to drop off and pick up kids from preschool or their childcare rooms Sunday mornings or during Morning Moms. It was wonderful to be able to get to the different levels in the building with our stroller easily during those years.

Jess Newcomb

Pearce has about 7 levels to the facility. Our elevator allows people to get to the main 5 levels and is used daily. I am not sure how we could function without it or accommodate the many needs of those who come to this church and engage in the various ministries that are held here.

Kim Brittin

Work on the elevator will begin in June 2022.