About Neighborly Help

This branch of Pearce’s Men’s Ministry  works in teams of four men each to help widows, widowers, seniors, single parents, and others who find themselves in need because of “stage of life” situations. “Stage of life” situations can be due to things such as advancing age, deteriorating health or mobility, loss of income, or changing stages of raising a family. We help with general handyman projects around the home on a once a month basis. We can also help those interested to better manage their home finances. We continue returning to the families we support on a regular basis, as their needs require. Everybody needs help at different times in their lives and we should not hesitate to ask for help if there is a true need. We all need others, because we were made for relationships; it is very natural to help others. The person helped and the person helping both benefit.

  • Groups are currently helping on the second Saturday each month, from 9–11:30am
  • Performing basic household maintenance
  • Safety and security issues are a priority

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