Parish Nursing

Our Mission

In Luke 9:2, Jesus sent His disciples to preach and heal the sick. According to Paul’s letter in I Corinthians 12:27, God has appointed those in the church having gifts of healing. Working from this biblical perspective, the Pearce Parish Nursing Team offers a ministry by responding to the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of members of the community.

History of Parish Nurses

The parish nurse ministry role originated in the early 1970’s through a hospital chaplain. Since then, parish nurses have become valuable members of church ministerial staffs, visiting parishioners who have physical problems, enabling them to access appropriate community resources and ministering to the spiritual needs of the patient and family. The Pearce Parish Nurse Team was commissioned by Pearce Memorial Church on October 17, 1993, to use their abilities to facilitate and promote health and healing.

Parish Nurse Role at Pearce

The Parish Nurse Team at Pearce serves in a valuable advisory role for the Grief Care Ministry and the Cancer Support Ministry. Each of these ministry teams rely on the guidance and input from our Parish Nurses to ensure that each ministry is providing optimum care and support in their ministry area.

The Parish Nurse Team gives oversight to a Service of Hope which is held on the last Sunday before Christmas each year. This service is designed to bring hope and healing for individuals who have experienced grief during the past year. Usually, the grief is related to the death of a loved one, but could also be due to other forms of loss (e.g. job).

The Parish Nurse Team, under the guidance of Dr. Susanne Mohnkern, provides blood pressure checks at Pearce Church on the second Sunday morning of each month, in the church library. This is a valuable service to people who need to closely monitor their blood pressure on a regular basis.

Practical Support

The Pearce Parish Nurse team is available to provide support and care in the following ways.

  • Support people as they give care to loved ones
  • Provide information on health and wellness
  • Interpret what your doctor is telling you
  • Answer questions about the health care system
  • Answer questions about medications and other treatments
  • Minister to individuals during life’s circumstances

If you have a health-related issue and wish to contact our Parish Nurse Team, please call the church office at 594-9488 or send an email to

If you are interested in joining our Parish Nurse Team, please email