Worship Service Schedule

Saturdays at 5pm
Sundays at 10:30am

Pearce Church believes that worship is critical to each individual’s growth in their relationship with Jesus Christ. To help you in your own spiritual journey, two worship services are offered each weekend.

Christian Worship at Pearce Church

Definition, Vision, and Values

Definition of Worship:

“Worship is the expression of a relationship in which God the Father reveals Himself and His love in Christ and by His Holy Spirit administers grace to which we respond in faith, gratitude and obedience.” –In His Presence: Appreciating Your Worship Tradition, Robert Schaper, 1984

Vision and Mission Statement about Worship:

Pearce Church strives to engage our time in the timeless story through communal worship in the effort to make fully devoted followers of Christ.

Core Values:

  • Trinitarian: Christian worship flows from and responds to the action of one God in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Our prayers, preaching, and praise reflect our participation in the Son’s communion with the Father through the Spirit.
  • Scripture Filled: Christian worship is saturated with God’s word, revealing His story which gives meaning to our lives.  Worship gathers us as God’s people to sing God’s story in song, tell God’s story through the scriptures, preaching, and testimony, and enact God’s story through the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper.
  • Dialogical: Christian worship is a conversation initiated by God to which we respond in faith, gratitude, and obedience.  The elements of worship guide us in this loving conversation with our God.
  • Communal: Christian worship reflects the truth that we cannot love God without loving the whole body of Christ. Across all human distinctions and boundaries we resist the radical individualism of our day and strive to listen to God’s voice with one heart, responding together as those unified in Christ.
  • Culturally Contextual: Christian worship expresses the character and personality of our congregation in its local context.  The Gospel is proclaimed and responded to in a manner that frees us to worship God in ways that are historic and dynamic.
  • Spiritually Formative: Christian worship purposes to transform our lives. Every element of communal worship is designed to heighten our opportunity to be transformed to the image of Christ.