Full Life Sports

In the second half of John 10:10, Jesus says that His purpose is to give life in all its fullness (NLT). The definition of fullness in that same Bible’s dictionary states:  containing all that is wanted, needed, or possible. God’s unconditional love of us gave us His Son. Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection gives us hope for eternity and today. Full Life Sports is about the lasting joy of salvation, and some of the not-so-lasting joys we get to experience in life. In short: We love God and just happen to love sports!

The following sports ministries meet at Pearce throughout the year. Check the online church calendar each week to see what is meeting. If you have questions, or sports ideas, contact Dave Mantegna at 585-752-8221 or fulllifesports@pearcechurch.org. 

Family Life Center

Tuesdays at 7pm
Contact: Dave Mantegna (585.752.8221)

Family Life Center

Thursdays at 7pm (ages 13 and up)
Contact: Brad Moore (889-8276 or moore8276@frontiernet.net)