Sunday Morning Fellowship (September-June)

During the school year (September-June), from 9-10:15am, teens in Grades 7-12 meet for about 30 minutes of teaching from various speakers, ranging from Roberts Wesleyan College professors, to world missionaries.  The morning fellowship closes with small groups, built around age. Sunday morning tends to be a bit more in-depth, and all are welcome.

  • Teen Small Groups
    • 9am: large group teaching, Room 206/207 (upstairs, teen area)
    • 9am: Small Groups
      • 7th Grade Boys, Room 203 (upstairs, teen area)
      • 7th Grade Girls, Room 202 (upstairs, teen area)
      • 8th & 9th Grade Boys, Room 213 (upstairs, teen area)
      • 8th & 9th Grade Girls, Room 212 (upstairs, teen area)
      • 10th Grade Boys & Girls, Room 206/207 (upstairs, teen area)
      • 11th Grade Boys & Girls, Room 251 (upstairs, teen area)
      • 12th Grade Boys & Girls Small Group, Room 137 (education wing)

To learn more about Student Ministries at Pearce, contact Pastor Wally Fleming at fleming_wally@pearcechurch.org.