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Hello, welcome to Pearce

Where we've come from

Join us on our mission

Our mission is to be and make disciples of Jesus who love God and neighbor. We live this out through worship (our love for God), community (our love for one another), and service (our love for the world).

Stained glass window at Pearce Church in Rochester, NY

Our History

Pearce Church is a family of believers with a rich history of over 150 years of faithful service to Christ and His Kingdom. Several years ago, our former historian wrote a brief history of Pearce:

In-depth History
What does it mean to be Free Methodist?

Pearce Church belongs to the Free Methodist denomination. To learn more about who we are, what we believe, and what we’re working toward:

Uniquely Free Methodist

You are encouraged to explore “The Free Methodist Way.” The Board of Bishops have developed five values that shape our identity as Free Methodists.

The Free Methodist Way

Our Statement of Faith

There is only one God—The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Life transformation begins when we follow Jesus.

God empowers us to live a life that becomes increasingly more like Jesus.

The Bible contains all the truth that we need to succeed in our families, in our relationships, at work, and in all that we encounter in life.

Whoever believes in Jesus and seeks forgiveness will have eternal life.

Everyone is born with a natural inclination to sin.

God gives every person gifts, abilities, and experiences that can be used to help others.