Journey Teens

Helping teenagers look, live, and love like Jesus.

Youth Ministry Director: Tom (TC) Corbett

Journey Teen Programs

Teenagers have many opportunities to grow as Christians at Pearce Church. The youth ministry programs help them understand what it means to trust God, discover the joy of a personal relationship with Christ, respond to the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and put their Christian faith into action.

Our Journey Teens programs encourage teenagers to: learn from the Bible; follow Jesus’s example by loving God and loving others; worship God as a regular part of their daily lives; understand what we believe as Christians, why we believe it, and how to explain it; develop a life that reflects the love of Christ.

In each program, teens are guided by Christian leaders who journey with them through the highs and lows of teenage life.

Equip Study Groups (Sunday mornings; groups for grades 6-8 and 9-12)

Faith Formation through Bible Teaching
Christian education options that emphasize Bible learning, Christian beliefs, and following the example of Jesus.

Bible Quizzing (Tuesday evenings; grades 6-12)

Bible Knowledge in Action
An engaging method of memorizing Bible passages to learn, understand, and apply the Word of God.

Youth Groups (Wednesday evenings for grades 6-12)

Sharing the Gospel through Relationships
A weekly time for fun, fellowship, and learning centered around worshiping God, developing Christian virtue and character, and being a Christian community that impacts the people around us.