Giving at Pearce

We believe that a part of our worship is giving and that it’s a privilege we have as we respond to God’s blessing in our lives. We also believe that generosity begets more blessing in our lives. We firmly believe that the act of giving is something that is not only from you, but for you as well.

5th Sunday

There are three months left in 2019 with five Sundays (June, September, December). On these 5th Sundays, we’re asking you to consider joining us in giving above and beyond our normal giving. All giving marked “5th Sunday” on those weekends will go to ensure we meet our weekly minimum loan payment. At the end of 2019, all remaining money in this 5th Sunday “bucket” will go toward principal reduction. Special envelopes will be available those weekends, be sure to mark checks “5th Sunday.” Contact: Honna Curtis,

From You

Your generosity with a cheerful heart will impact our community and world as it enables our church to provide and pursue opportunities to look, live, and love like Jesus in our community and beyond.

For You

Generosity with a cheerful heart will impact you personally in regard to your: awareness of God’s provision, gratitude for God’s gifts, faith in God’s goodness, trust in God’s best, and joy in God’s love!

Ways to Give

Mobile Giving

You can now text “GIVE” to 585-617-0773 via your mobile phone to start!

Automatic Billing

Automatic checks sent from your bank. You can set this up with them!

Online Giving

Soon you’ll be able to give from our website. Keep checking back…it’s coming soon!

Checks & Cash

Please make checks payable to “Pearce Church.”