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Garage Sale Volunteer Sign-up

I would like to help with this year's Mission Garage Sale!

Setup crew will unload garage, setup risers, signage, assemble equipment used for sale and prepare space for sale. Need to be able to lift furniture and assemble items.
Donation Champion:
Donation Champions will assist with helping individuals unload donation items and bring them to the Family Life Center. Assist with the unpacking and sorting of items being donated. Should be able to life 10-20 lbs. easily.
Organizers - Wednesday, April 19
As donations will only be received up until Tuesday evening, Wednesday will be all about getting everything organized and ready for the sale. Organizers will make sure items are in the correct areas and everything is staged as best as possible.
1st Day of Sale - Thursday, April 20
2nd Day of Sale - Friday, April 21
3rd Day of Sale - Saturday, April 22
Clean Up Crew - Sat, April 22 (12:30-4pm)
The Clean Up Crew will assist with packing up items into boxes, clearing things out of the Family Life Center and tent, wash down tables, pick up trash, vacuum. Assist with moving items to storage for next year.