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Deeper with God

By August 1, 2019No Comments

Go deep to live without shame. God’s Word calls us to put down deep roots in Jesus. Deep roots: this is the reason why some trees topple so easily, while others withstand even the greatest of storms. This is also the reason why some people topple so easily in the smallest of storms, or at the sudden and unexpected storms of life. God promises that when we put down deep roots in Jesus, we will overflow with thankfulness and experience the fullness of His presence in our daily lives.

Go deep to live without shame. As we go deep in Jesus, we discover the life that we have always wanted. This happens as we die to a sinful, selfish, self-centered way of life, and as the Spirit of God brings us into new life in Jesus. All our sins are forgiven, our debt to God has been paid in full, and our spiritual enemy has been disarmed.

Go deep to live without shame. And now we find ourselves set free to live without shame. No fear of entering God’s presence with shame, and no fear of facing family and friends in this life with shame. Truly a shame-free zone. And the Word from our God of unfailing love promises that as this happens, He will be growth to his church. Our mission is not to grow the church. Our mission is to make disciples. And as we make more and better disciples, God promises that His church will grow. Slow church lived out over time in life-changing relationships leads to exponential growth–what some may call multiplication. We see this in the story of the early church.

We are living this out every evening this week at this year’s Vacation Bible School. An army of volunteers is helping us teach children how to go deep to live without shame.

Thank you, Pearce Church and family, for your gracious faithfulness expressed in so many countless ways.

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