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At the End of the Worry

At the End of It All! Last weekend, we started a new series simply called “At the End of It All.” We began with a basic question—what is the biggest worry in your life at this moment? As we unpack words of love and hope from the book of Revelation—the last book of the Bible—we see that our God of unfailing love does not want us to look past or ignore life’s difficulties. It is in facing our worries and difficulties with a joyful, confident, trusting faith that we begin to experience all that God has for us.


We just celebrated Easter—the joy of a risen Lord and the promise of a new life in Jesus for those who believe. This is a promise of new life that begins now and extends, well…forever! But to experience the joyful celebration of Easter in all of its fullness, we have to remember that the Easter celebration of an empty tomb required that Jesus encounter the cross, His death and burial, and three days in the grave.


We, too, are Easter people! And to know the fullness of Easter hope, we, too, must willingly pass through life’s worries and difficulties. Take heart. Be strong. Have courage. C.S. Lewis said, “Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point.”


Today’s worry and difficulty may be the very testing point that will fill your heart with the hope of Easter!

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