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Expect the Unexpected

The sometimes-unpopular truth is that we can’t control people, places, or things–including spouses, children, friends, teams, the weather, or even our health. So why are we so caught by surprise at the unforeseen and unexpected?

Unforeseen and unexpected things do happen, even to God’s people, on their way to God, and on their way with God. Why do unforeseen and unexpected things happen to God’s people? Sometimes, simply because we live in a broken world where bad things can and do happen to good and godly people. Sometimes, because there are forces of evil at work in our world that work against us, simply because we are following Jesus.

What does God ask of us when unforeseen and unexpected things do happen? Our God of unfailing love will give us both the desire and strength to respond with faithful, trusting obedience. In those moments, God invites us to look for opportunities to be a blessing to others and to bring blessing to others.

May our God of unfailing love give us both the desire and the strength to respond to the unforeseen and unexpected in such a way that, even under pressure, our lives might inspire others to want more of Jesus.

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