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Join the Chorus

Where is your life headed? And what map are you following? The most important challenge of life is to make sure, in the end, we don’t miss out on heaven!

Why is heaven so great? Heaven is centered around a throne. This is the throne of Jesus. This reminds us that the world does not revolve around you or me. We should give love and honor to family and friends. We should receive and share, with gratitude, the many blessings that God provides. But we should always remember that life is not about us. There is only one throne. And Jesus will not be seated on the throne until we give up the throne and allow Him to take His rightful place.

And around the throne of Jesus in heaven, all fall before Him in worship, countless voices singing as if with one voice. This is the story of heaven as everyone is drawn to Jesus. We were created to worship Jesus. He alone is to be our first love—our greatest love.

Today, we experience real hardships and suffering and loss. Yet we live with the promise that Jesus has something indescribably better awaiting us. So great that we won’t be able to remember the hardships and suffering and loss of this world. With that promise in mind, we are invited to join in with heaven’s celebration, even now.

What is the song of your life? Join in the great chorus. Let your life sing for Jesus.

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