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Look Up

By January 18, 2019No Comments

It was time for my (almost) annual physical. The visit with my doctor was complete. The following week, I walked into the lab for the necessary blood work—no appointment needed. Twelve hour fast. Walk in, wait just a few minutes, they draw the blood, and off I go.

I arrived with one person in the waiting room. In just a few minutes, my name was called. A cold morning, I took off my coat, and, wanting to be polite, asked if I might simply drop it on the floor next to my chair. The technician said, “Sure, but there is a hangar on the wall right above you.” Indeed, there was.

Why did I walk into the room with my head down, completely missing the well-placed coat hanger politely provided on the wall?

Is that how I—we—so often approach life, walking in and out of our daily experiences with our heads down? Are there blessings provided that we miss out on?

A simple yet profound lesson. Keep my head up. Watch for what our God of unfailing love is doing and providing. Where does our help come from? From our God of unfailing love, Maker of heaven and earth.
Look up!

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