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On the Way

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“On the Way!”

This is the theme for our Annual Celebration, scheduled for next Wednesday, February 6. There are many verses I could refer to but allow me to use the Jesus story in Luke 17. Jesus is entering a village. A safe distance away, ten men desperately cry out to Jesus for healing. Jesus saw them. Jesus heard them. Jesus told them to go and present themselves to the priests.

A rather interesting instruction. Yes, it is true that anyone miraculously healed of the incurable leprosy had to present themselves to the priests who would perform a bodily inspection and then declare whether or not they were healed. With this proclamation from the priests, those now healed of leprosy were allowed back to their family, their home, the community, and, perhaps, to their former employment. This didn’t happen very often.

Back to the instruction Jesus gave them. It was clearly understood in the law of Moses and their religious rules that one dared not go and present themselves to the priests until after they were healed. But Jesus, once again breaking the norm, deliberately and intentionally tested their faith and told them to go to the priests before they were healed.

And, in the last part of Luke 17:14, we read, “And as they went, on the way, they were healed.”

The scriptures make no mention that they argued with Jesus. The scriptures make no mention that they hesitated. I wonder if these ten men had any doubts. I often do. There are times I find myself arguing with God in prayer. Even times when I find myself doubting. “God, if you answer prayer, fix this problem, show us the way forward, then I/we will do whatever You ask.”

But what Jesus asks of us individually, and of His Church, is that we trust Him with a reckless obedience. And “On the Way” of reckless obedience, we find the answer to our prayers.

Our Pearce Church is “On the Way” as we look to our God of unfailing love to guide and direct us in fulfillment of His Vision and Mission for us. May He fill us with a joyful, confident, trusting faith for each step forward “On the Way!”


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