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The Hope of the World

By January 25, 2019No Comments

The Church is the hope of the world. Maybe? Depends.

In Matthew 12:21, we read “And His name (Jesus) will be the hope of all the world.” Here, Matthew is actually quoting from the ancient prophet Isaiah (42:1-4).

The church as an institution, an organization, will inevitably let us all down in one way or another. This is inevitable as it is led by mere and fallible humans. Trust me, I am one.

But the Church as a living organism—the hands and feet of Jesus active in our world today—this Church is still the hope of the world!

I wonder how much traffic drives by on Buffalo Road every day. I love our facility.  I am grateful for our facility.  But our facility does next to nothing to provide hope for today’s world. Unless … unless our facility is a place where people sense the presence of our God of unfailing love. Unless our facility is a place where people make life-changing relationships with our God of unfailing love and with us as the hands and feet of Jesus. Unless our facility is a place where all families, and all of the family, know they can find the endless grace of God that restores and renews hope.  Unless our facility is filled with people that look, live, and love like Jesus. People that offer living proof of a loving God to our watching world.

The hope people are most longing for can only be found in Jesus. And the Church can only be the hope of the world as long as we lift up Jesus.

For such a time as this—wherever we go, and whatever we do—let’s make it about Jesus, the hope of the world!

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